Albert Camus: The French Kafka

I was first introduced to Albert Camus in 2009 when a work colleague lent me The Myth of Sisyphus, when we both had a common interest in books and writing. I’d not heard of him, and such was my French at the time, I couldn’t even pronounce the name properly (Albɛʁ Kæˈmu / or Alber … Continue reading Albert Camus: The French Kafka

How Writers Write Dialogue in Fiction

Every time I write a short story, I almost always end up with at least two characters talking to each other. I do it in longer pieces of fiction, too. It’s one of my favourite things to write because it’s interesting how you can differentiate two people without describing them, only through what they say. … Continue reading How Writers Write Dialogue in Fiction

Why Poetry Is Worth Reading

Poetry has a bad rep. It’s Wordsworth’s fault. It used to be the major point of literature when the novel was considered a novel way of writing. Novel means new, original, fresh. But originally it was looked down upon as something unworthy of anyone’s time. ‘How novel.’ These days, the novel has risen to the … Continue reading Why Poetry Is Worth Reading

How the Editing Process Works

If there is a piece of writing, it’s almost certainly gone through some sort of editing process afterwards. It’s just as important as the initial content writing process, as it forms everything together in good structure and form. The editing process, for me, can begin during the writing process, self-critiquing as I go to make … Continue reading How the Editing Process Works

Four Novels that Deal with Mental Illness

From the 8th – 14th May 2017, it is Mental Health Awareness Week. As someone who has experienced a variety of mental health problems in different people, I’ve come to understand people better and to learn to be more aware of their mental health. It’s not something that affects a minority. It affects us all, … Continue reading Four Novels that Deal with Mental Illness

20 Books That Inspired Me As A Writer

This is a list of 20 books that have had some sort of major impact on me as a writer. 20. The Handmaid’s Tale – Margaret Atwood I read The Handmaid’s Tale when I was about 16 or 17. I was in school and back then I wasn’t much of a reader. I was drawn … Continue reading 20 Books That Inspired Me As A Writer

Never Let Me Go – One Of The Most Beautiful Novels Ever Written?

I read Never Let Me Go several years ago when I saw it in a bookshop and just decided to get it. I’d heard of it, it must have been around the time the film came out in 2010 so it was one of those books people were talking about. I was on my Masters … Continue reading Never Let Me Go – One Of The Most Beautiful Novels Ever Written?

Breaking The Fourth Wall – How and Why It’s Used

The fourth wall comes from the traditional, three-walled box set stage production where there are three walls on stage – two walls at either side and one at the back – and the fourth is the front of the box, or the invisible wall through which the audience can see. I’ve been watching House of … Continue reading Breaking The Fourth Wall – How and Why It’s Used

The New Professional Craze

What makes us crazy in the 21st century, era of computers, Generation fb, the false space-age, the present future? Eleven years ago I was unemployed for a year and struggled not only to find a job but to understand what that meant. I walked in the Jobcentre and a woman at a desk asked me … Continue reading The New Professional Craze