Review: Pixies – Head Carrier

The Pixies are a special band, being the major component to 90s alt rock and the catalyst to the grunge music scene two decades ago. What made them plunge into the hearts of rock-loving fans were their two magnum opus’s: Doolittle and Surfer Rosa. This is only what their new album, Head Carrier cannot be, … Continue reading Review: Pixies – Head Carrier

Counting Crows – Manchester Apollo [7/11/14] – Review

I knew from over a year ago during a Pixies gig how an obscure, middle-of-nowhere location the O2 Apollo is from the rest of Manchester. I knew it was about a fifteen minute walk from our hotel in Picadilly, but we walked either too far or not far enough, and so hailed a cab for … Continue reading Counting Crows – Manchester Apollo [7/11/14] – Review